Australian Pokies – Why Pokies Are So Popular Down Under?

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Australian CasinosAustralia’s love affair with pokies is a story of many decades. Down Under, these machines are almost everywhere and they are frequented by people of all ages and backgrounds. This is one of those countries where you cannot move around the city without hearing stories about pokies. Why is this so? Here are some of the reasons why Australians love pokies.

The gambling culture

Gambling is part of the culture in Australia. It is almost like every newborn child has gambling genes in them. Casinos are always full with participants placing high stakes and earning bonuses in the process. In addition to that, the introduction of online casinos has taken things a notch higher. There are many websites, that offer gambling games and many of them specifically target Australians because they know that it is a big market.

More pokies than anywhere else

It is true that there are more pokies per person in Australia than anywhere else in the world. According to the most recent studies, there is at least one poker machine for 114 people in this country. This means that the machines re easily accessible and therefore more people are getting enticed to try them. At the end of the day, what starts as fun and a first-time adventure becomes a daily routine. People get hooked to these machines when they find out that they can win money and change their lives.

The promise of high payouts

Every Australian desires to have the best life. They want that beach house with everything that defines a luxurious life. Therefore, poker machines provide the perfect chance to get the money to lead the dream life. What makes it even more appealing is that there are stories of people who win big amounts of money at Fair Go Casino and change their lives forever. In a country where young people are looking for the fastest ways to make cash, it is understandable when these almost everything that they own to place stakes. It also is the reason why you are going to find pokies in almost every hotel and bar that you go to.

If you look at the recent gambling trends, you will notice that the popularity of pokies down under will be on a steady rise over the coming years. Nothing seems to slow this down. In fact, there are new online casinos that open doors to Australians every year. There is no doubt that every Australian wants to win.

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